Lookin' Up

It’s so damned nice outside right now, and it sucks to be inside working all day. It’s supposed to be significantly colder this weekend, with a chance of rain or snow. I would really, really like to throw my bike in my car and go for a drive somewhere (or nowhere, actually), then ride my bike for a few hours until I get good and sore, and spend the rest of the weekend just loafing around the house. That would be a nice weekend, but I don’t think the weather will permit it.
Instead, I think I’m going to spend some time in my garage (now that my truck isn’t taking up every square foot of space in there), fixing a few things that have needed fixing for a long time. I broke my bedroom door several months ago (throwing a temper-tantrum), so I’m going to glue it back together and refinish it. I’d also like to paint the drawers and doors for the cabinets in my office–hopefully it’ll at least be warm enough for that. And since it looks like Spring may be just around the corner, I’m going to tear apart my mom’s old tiller and try to get it running. I think all it may need is an oil change, but if not, there’s no harm in disassembling the engine and cleaning everything–it couldn’t possibly not work any more than it already doesn’t work.

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