I went down to the Ford dealer today, they still haven’t finished writing up an estimate for my truck. They did find out that the rear driveshaft is bent, but the output shaft is just fine (phew!). The oil leak is due to a cracked extension housing, which is located between the transmission and the transfer case. They’re not sure if they can get a new one from Ford, so they might have to get one at a junkyard. I’ll have them put new seals in there though, since they’ll have everything torn apart anyway. They also found that something is putting quite a draw on the battery when the key is turned off, but they haven’t tracked it down yet. As soon as they get a price on the extension housing and track down the electrical problem, they should have an estimate for me. I have a feeling I’ll have to do without the front driveshaft and the other front-end work for now, ’cause the rest could easily eat up my $1,200 budget. Maybe I can do the front-end work myself, and just have them align it when I’m finished. That’d probably save me $150 in just labor.

4 thoughts on “F-1Shitty

  1. no idea what you’re talking about, but golly, your ongoing battle with your truck (it’s been a theme of the site for a while now) has made for some interesting reading.
    good luck with the POS šŸ™‚

  2. No doubt, it’s quite a saga. Actually, I normally wouldn’t have even posted about it today, except that I have nothing else to say, so you get the boring details of my auto repair dilemma. I’m posting just for the sake of posting.

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