Drunk as hell but no throwing up

This weekend has flown by, and I’ve done absolutely nothing the entire time. I think I watched tv all day yesterday, but I’m not really sure–I can’t remember doing anything else, but I can’t imagine myself staying put all day either. Today I watched the race (which sucked), then cleaned the house just a bit and made dinner, then played cards with Traci the rest of the evening.
Tuesday is going to suck, because I have to work the entire day at the office. Usually I just go in for 5 hours or so, then head home and finish my 8 hours there. But I have a meeting that lasts until 4:30 on Tuesday, so I have no choice but to work an entire day there. I’ve also got to get a modem for my aunt while I’m up there, and I’ll probably be bringing my mom back to Price with me too. Her ’93 4Runner has a leaky head gasket (after only 35,000 miles), so she’s going to see if she can get it into the dealer that day–there’s no Toyota dealer in Price. And I think it’ll be covered under warranty, because apparently the head gaskets on that year of 4Runner have been recalled. I’d offer to fix it myself if it wasn’t covered by the dealer, but the engine compartment is so jam-packed with stuff, it’d take me a few days just to get it torn down to the heads, and even then I’m not sure I could put it all back together the right way. Kinda makes me glad I own an old piece of shit rather than a new, harder to work on vehicle.

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