Lucas with the lid off…

I sold my car tonight. Earlier today, a guy who had test-driven it last week called me and said he’d give me $1,000 for it, and I accepted, so he was going to come by tomorrow and get it. But a little before 10:00 tonight, the guy who had given me the $100 to hold the car for him until last Friday came by and gave me the full $1,200. I didn’t really expect him to come up with the money, and I figured if he wasn’t here by the time the other guy got here tomorrow then he wasn’t coming at all. I’m just glad he came.
So now I’ve got $1,200 to fix my truck, and hopefully I can get it done pretty soon. I’m not sure whether I should go to either of my wife’s uncles–’cause both of them would give me a good deal–or if I should go to the Ford dealer, ’cause I know their work will be better and have a better warranty–but then I’ll pay out the ass.

3 thoughts on “Lucas with the lid off…

  1. Ford dealers suck, and you still pay out the ass. It’s all about piecework at the dealership and how fast they can get it done. I’ve never had good luck dealing with the Ford dealers. The last time I was there they charged me 90 bucks to put the car on a diagnostic machine and tell me they didn’t know what the problem was. I had to go to another mechanic who told me I had a defective battery for free.

  2. The Bob Olsen guy on the highway does good work, and doesn’t charge a fortune. I usually go to him if I need something done. Problem is that he’s usually booked a couple weeks ahead, so you have to wait a long time to get things done.

  3. Yeah…I’d considered him, but I don’t really want to wait too long. Besides, it’d suck to get my truck out there–I don’t dare to do more than 30 mph with as bad as the driveline vibrates.

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