It's a Meracle

Nero miraculously started working on my computer again. Last night, I found this site that had a nifty util (just a few batch files, actually) that updated my ASPI drivers, but even after rebooting my machine, Nero still crashed on startup. For some reason, when I tried starting Nero this morning, it worked. So I finally burned copies of some CDs that I’ve been borrowing from Ty, and I burned a few audio CDs since that’s all I can listen to until I get a new soundcard.
Speaking of soundcards, I forgot to get one while I was up in Provo yesterday. I had intended to go up alone, work for a few hours, hit EBC or LS Micro and get a soundcard, then head home. But Monday, Michael had a blood test done at the health department, to test for anemia I believe, and it turned out that his iron level was very very low. So we called his doctor and got an appointment for yesterday, where they tested him again, and it was still low. They sent us to the hospital to have the lab there draw blood and run all sorts of tests on it, and we won’t find out the results for another week or so. I’m not too worried about him, and neither is his doctor. He said he may just end up prescribing an iron supplement for Michael, and I hope that’s all he needs. Anyway, with all the running around I did–picking up my family, going to the doctor, then back to work, then picking them up again, then going to the hospital–I forgot all about my soundcard, so it’ll have to wait ’til next week. It’s pretty sad that it’s worth it (financially) for me to drive 160 miles round trip to buy a soundcard, rather than paying a shitload for one in this shithole town. If I wasn’t already going to work, though, it would definitely not be worth it.

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  1. Yeah.. Don’t worry about it too much. Good that you’re not just doing “nothing” about it, 😉 but it’s no big deal.. I was very mildly anemic as a child, but I just took iron suppliments for a few years and my red blood cell count is perfectly normal now. hasn’t stopped me from doing anything..

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