Wear the grudge like a crown

There’s not a whole helluva lot going on lately. Saturday, I pretty much stayed home and cleaned up the house a little, and Sunday I put the driveshaft back on my truck and took it for a spin around the block–I miss driving that truck. I’ve decided to try and sell my Nissan once again (dropping the price by $300), and I’ll use the money I get from that to get my truck fixed. If the $1,200 from the Nissan won’t cover getting everything fixed by the Ford dealer, I’ll do some of the work myself and leave the important stuff to the “professionals.”
I’ve got to head into work tomorrow to give some training to my entire department. I’m pretty sick of training people, especially because I’m not getting paid more money for it, but what choice do I have? I could quit my job, but there’s no way I could get a comparable job here in Hickville.

2 thoughts on “Wear the grudge like a crown

  1. Play LORD, for christ’s sake. It’s a mind numbingly easy game to play and only provides entertainment for a few brief minutes. Not to mention you lost your #1 position in both games.

  2. I played yesterday at 9:30 PM (11:30 PM Eastern), but apparently the clock is off on the machine the BBS runs on, because when I tried to play today, it said I had already been on. So I missed an entire day’s worth of playing. 🙁

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