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I got sick of that old layout sooner than I thought I would. This one is very similar to the layout before the last one, which I liked quite a bit, and I suspect I’ll have this one up for a very long time. I may just change the top image and the colors every once in a while. The image you see right now was taken by me two days ago on my way home from work. I turned off US-6 onto Consumers Road and drove about ½ mile before I had an unobstructed view of the sun and clouds, and I took two pictures that I stitched together to get a single image. I had to edit my car antenna out of the image, but you can’t tell at all where it was.
It’s hard to believe I’ve been with the same company for so long, but they let me choose a five year service award today. They had quite a few nice things to choose from, but I ended up picking out the most useful item, a pair of Uniden FRS400 radios. I could never talk my wife into getting an amateur radio license, but these will do well enough when we’re travelling in separate vehicles or hiking or something. My Kenwood handheld ham radio will receive FRS frequencies, and I modified it to transmit on them as well, but since it wasn’t designed to transmit on those frequencies, my range was extremely limited even when using 5W output. The Uniden radios output 500mW, and I’ve used a radio similar to them and the range is pretty damned good.

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