Five Days?

Well, xmas was much nicer this year than it has been in quite a while. Michael is still too young to really understand what was going on–he had as much fun playing with wrapping paper and ribbons as he did playing with all the toys he got. We opened some gifts at my mom’s on xmas eve, then the next morning we opened all of Michael’s presents for him and spent the morning just playing. Around noon we opened gifts at my in-laws’, then we had dinner at my grandpa’s. It was a busy week, but it was fun.
There’s a Subaru wagon at my wife’s uncle’s dealership that I’m thinking about buying, I think it’s an ’89, but I have to test drive it before I make a decision. My parents had an ’82ish Subaru just like this one I’m looking at, and I liked that car a lot. If I end up getting it, it’ll be nice to take to work ’cause I won’t really have to worry about driving in bad weather with all-wheel-drive. My wife doesn’t really like the car, she says she’ll be embarrassed driving a wagon, but I wouldn’t mind it. Hell, I’d love to have a brand-new Legacy Outback wagon, but my wife doesn’t even like those.

4 thoughts on “Five Days?

  1. So why have a site that isnt entertaining in any way? If your not here to entertain me or anyone else then why have a site in the first place? Just to have something on it so you yourself can come here and read about your own life?

  2. This website is here for those people who want to read it. My intention is not to entertain 100% of the people in the world, nor should you expect 100% of the websites in the world to entertain you. If you don’t like it, don’t fucking read it. Is that too difficult for you to understand?
    Here we are now, entertain us
    If you came here expecting to be entertained, but found my site boring instead, why bother returning? In fact, why would you expect anything from me? I swear, the human race as a whole is getting more and more stupid…

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