It was too cold (and a little bit cloudy) last night, so I didn’t stay outside for more than a couple minutes, and I didn’t see any meteors in that time. And this afternoon, it was completely overcast, so there wasn’t a chance to catch a glimpse of the eclipse.
This evening, I raised the rear-end of my truck and let the rear wheels spin while I tried to tell what was causing all that vibration, and I still couldn’t really figure it out. I realized that if either the driveline or the output shaft were bent, I wouldn’t be able to tell which one it was because they’re bolted together (duh!). So I unbolted the driveline and ran it again, and I didn’t feel quite as bad of a vibration. I think I might just take the driveline to somebody who balances them, and maybe they can tell me if it’s bent. And if it’s not, it’s time to get a new output shaft. I just hope the problem’s not inside the transfer case or transmission, but it just might be–there’s still oil leaking from between the two.

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  1. holy crap man i had the same probs i switched my network and video cards in the pci slots and my whole pc quit workin it wouldnt find any drivers the tech support ah its ur mother board drivers your screwed so i just put back where they were and it worked and even funnier i bought soma ram the other day and it wouldnt fit in the dimm 2 slot

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