Damn, I just thought I’d lost all the pictures I’ve taken with my digital camera since August (that’s over 1000 pictures). When I threw this machine together, I used several parts from my old one, including two hard drives. One is a Western Digital 20GB that I boot Windows from and use most often, and the other is a Quantum (i.e., piece of shit) 6.4GB that I keep downloaded apps and all my pictures on. When I got this new board and CPU running, both hard drives were working fine. The last couple of times I’ve booted up, though, my D: drive (the Quantum) wasn’t being displayed in Explorer, but I didn’t want to mess with it because I’ve been trying to get my sound working.
I figured since I was up late already tonight, and I wasn’t tired yet, that I’d come down and check it out. I booted into DOS first (I dunno why, Windows would have worked just as well…maybe I am tired) and used fdisk, but it wouldn’t recognize the drive. So I booted into Windows, and there it was. I didn’t change anything or touch any of the cables, so I think the drive might be going downhill. I copied all my pictures to my main hard drive, just in case the other shits out on me again. After all, my current Quantum drive is a replacement for my old Quantum drive that crashed a few years ago–luckily it was still warrantied at the time.
I took a look at my muffler today, and it looks like the short pipe running out of the front of the muffler that connects to the exhaust pipe from the engine rusted through and became disconnected. The clamp is still on the exhause pipe, and there’s still a very short bit of pipe sticking out of the muffler, so tomorrow I’m going to attempt to fix it myself. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll have to get a new cheap muffler put on. I’m lucky the muffler is still attached, ’cause it’s only dangling by a small hook attached to the frame.

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