+10 HP

I think I blew a hole in my car’s muffler on my way to work this morning. I was about a mile west of Billie’s Mountain, and I had the stereo turned up pretty loud, when I thought I heard a noise. With the stereo up so loud, it was hard to tell what it was or where it came from, but when I turned the music down, it was obvious that something had happened to the muffler. I pulled over to make sure the muffler was still attached to the car, which it was, but I couldn’t see any other damage without crawling under the car and getting very dirty. If I’m lucky, the exhaust pipe just came loose, but I’m not usually that lucky. So now people will think I’m a riceboy, except that my car only sounds like it has a 1-foot diameter exhaust tip on it. =)

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