I looked for a car to buy yesterday, but couldn’t find anything in my price range. So my only options were to get my car fixed, or get my truck fixed. Since the only thing wrong with my car is a broken windshield, I figured that was the cheaper route to go. I decided to get a safety inspection before I got the windshield replaced, because I didn’t want to spend money on a windshield, then find out later that I needed to dump more money into the car. Of course, the windshield failed inspection, but so did my two front tires. The mechanic told me he’d pass the windshield if I bought two new tires from them–he must work on commission or something. I just laughed at him. I’ve got a set of snow tires in my garage that’ll fit my car, so I’ll just put them on instead. A new windshield will only cost me $150, including installation, which is only $10 more than new tires would’ve cost. And after that, I can sell my car for more than I’ve been asking, ’cause everything will be in good shape. I think I’ll take an advertisement out in the newspaper, because a for-sale sign isn’t doing the trick.
As soon as I sell my car, I’ll have $1,500 more that I can put towards a different car, which should be sufficient to get what I need. The cash I had saved up for a car, I’m now saving for my attorney. We’re finally suing the City over that sewer backup. So I’ll have to put part of the payment for the new car on a credit card, rather than getting a regular loan, but the money I lose in higher interest, I’ll gain in not being required to have full-coverage insurance.
Jeez…so far, for the past two years, October 30th has been a very bad day for me. I’m becoming superstitious about it–I can’t wait to see what happens next year.

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