Bleh…gotta drive in to the office tomorrow. I always like to leave town really early, partially to avoid traffic, but mostly to avoid driving during that awful time when it’s too light for your headlights to do any good, but still too dark to see anything. That’s the perfect time to hit a deer. Unfortunately, daylight savings has fucked everything up for me. Last week, I left town at 6:00 am, and it didn’t start to get light until I was just coming out of Spanish Fork Canyon–it was perfect. But tomorrow, I’d have to leave at 5:00 am to achieve the same result. I’d rather leave late enough tomorrow that it’s full daylight for the whole drive, but I have a damn meeting at 10:00 am, before which I need at least a couple of hours to prepare. I guess if I can manage it, I’ll be getting into work at 6:30, then. 🙁
Ty put a new layout up today, and it looks mighty fine. =) Even without any graphics yet, it’s pretty sweet. Good riddance to Times New Roman, I say!

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