Blame it on Marilyn

I registered to vote today, no problem at all. I expected some animosity from the secretary who told me I was wrong, but she just sat at her desk while some other woman helped us. The county clerk even came over and apologized for the misunderstanding.
I’ve got several projects going on at my house, and hopefully I can get a few of them finished this weekend. I built a gun rack in some cabinets in my “office,” and now I have to do some finishing touches, then I’m going to paint the cabinets and drawers. I got a light green-gray for the outside, and a much darker shade for the inside. I also need to get a lock for the gun cabinet, plus hinges and handles for all the other doors and drawers, but I doubt I’ll get to that this weekend. I’m also going to sand and paint my front stairs, then put some non-slip treads on them, because they’re damn slippery in the winter. And finally, I’m going to try to finish all the yardwork that needs to be done before it gets too cold. I did about half of it last weekend, so the rest should be do-able this weekend.

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