I’ve heard several helicopters fly over my house today, apparently all looking for two murder suspects who have been running from the PPD since last night. Here’s the story from KSL:

“Police are on the lookout for two men, in connection with a double murder. It happened in the town of Dutch John near the Flaming Gorge Dam. Investigators did not release details of the crime.
Police spotted their vehicle early this morning near Price. They spiked the car’s tires, and the suspects took off on foot in the town of Price.
The suspects are described as two white males. One is six feet one inch tall with a muscular build. He’s in his mid to late 20’s.
The second is five feet ten inches tall with a medium build. Both are wearing jeans and dark jackets.
If you spot these men, call the police immediately.”

I’m not too worried about them being anywhere near my house, but they appear to be looking for them all over north Price.
Whoa–as I was typing this, another helicopter flew over, and I grabbed my camera and ran out into my back yard. It was flying away from me, but they circled around, I think to take a look at me, then returned to their original heading and kept going. Here are some pictures.

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