We're All Gonna Die!

Both my mom and my sister called to tell me that the house where the suspected anthrax was found is just down the street from my mom’s house, and it’s just around the corner from my place. I took some pictures of a news crew setting up, but nothing much else was going on. A police car was just leaving as I pulled up, but there wasn’t any quarantine or anything in effect. I’m sure it’s either a hoax or a false alarm.

4 thoughts on “We're All Gonna Die!

  1. The hell? I thought the news people had lots of neat-o satellite uplinking stuff to send video to the home office.

  2. Most news trucks don’t have any broadcasting capability – TV stations typically only have one or two microwave trucks which have a broadcasting limit of around 60-80 miles from the station’s microwave tower (maybe more, but not much) and need to have a pretty clear shot (without too many trees and the such) to beam back. The big stations have the fancy satellite trucks, which can beam from pretty much anywhere … but you need to book time on a satellite in order to use them, and it’s pretty expensive to do that.
    Plus, bored TV station employees (like I was) flipping through satellites can eavesdrop on the satellite transmissions.
    I’ll stop boring everyone now…:)

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