Shit…I’m almost wishing I hadn’t even started adding all my old entries. I’ve added almost 500 so far, and I’ve still got around 100 left to add, plus I’ll have to give new filenames to all my recent Greymatter entries so they’ll work with all the old ones I’ve added.
Registration is due on my truck at the end of the month, and when I got a safety inspection done yesterday, it failed. The left tie-rod end and right ball-joint need to be replaced, which means even if I fix it myself, I’ll still need to take it somewhere to get the front-end aligned. I hate to spend another dime on that damn truck, but I’ve already spent so much on it that I can’t get rid of it for what I’m into it. I’ve got a brand-new set of tires that’ll fit it, but the rims that they’re mounted to won’t fit, so I guess if I end up getting the wheels aligned, I’ll throw those tires on while I’m at it.
Don’t forget, tomorrow is the Atroxi.com Radio Show…check the site for details. I’ll probably be in the IRC channel (ugh, I just typed “chat room,” but had to backspace because I hate the phrase) all day, so stop by if you’ve got nothing better to do.

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