I’m not sure which I’d rather do right now–shower or sleep. We got back from our little camping trip a few hours ago, but we spent time unloading stuff, eating, and playing on the computer, and now I’m tired. I put some pictures from this weekend up just now.
The battery and charger for the camera showed up just minutes before we left town, and surprisingly the battery was already fully charged. Otherwise, I think I would have sat for an hour or so at the rest area near where we were camped and charged the battery–I’m pretty sure I saw a 120V outlet there on one of the pavilions.
I turned the fridge thermostat to low on Friday night because it was supposed to get very cold and I didn’t want our food to freeze, but when we woke up on Saturday morning, everything was almost room temperature. I thought it was because I had turned it down too low, but an hour later I realized that turning it back up had no effect. I finally figured out that it wasn’t working well because we weren’t level (I didn’t think propane appliances were that picky), so I just moved the camper to where the rear-end could be a little lower than the front. Less than 10 minutes later the stuff in the fridge was noticeably colder.
I brought a lot of firewood along, but I wasn’t sure if it was legal to have a fire there. There are signs posted a few miles away on the paved road from Price saying that no campfires are allowed, but no such sign exists on the road from Provo, and no signs were posted near the national forest sign a few miles up the dirt road from our camp. Not that I was worried, I built a fire anyway, and we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Instead of using messy chocolate bars, we bought some chocolate-covered graham crackers and sandwiched them around the marshmallows–it makes for a much easier s’more.
Eh…I think sleep is winning out–I’m going to bed now. A shower will have to wait ’til morning. =)

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