Talk about shitty service…

Damn, am I pissed off. When I signed up for DSL, I asked for my dialup account and my second phone line to be cancelled, and I also asked to be switched over to Emery Telcom‘s interstate long distance plan to take advantage of the $10/month discount on DSL.
I got my combined phone/internet bill last week, and they had cancelled my dialup access, but everything else was screwed up. They didn’t switch me to their long distance plan, which means I was charged an extra $10 for DSL, they overcharged me $0.99 for the DSL setup fee, and they didn’t cancel my second phone line, which means not only was I charged for an entire month, but I didn’t received a prorated portion of the amount I prepaid last month.
I went into their office last week and was told that they would fix everything, and I could just call back in a couple of days to get an updated billing amount. I did so today, and was met with a lot of hassle. I was told that I have to sign a paper before they would switch my long distance over, which I wasn’t told when I had asked for it originally, and I was told that they could shut-off my second phone line now, but it wouldn’t be retroactive back to the date my DSL became active. The woman I talked to said that they had no record of me asking for those things to be cancelled, and that it was just my word against theirs–so basically, I’m a liar. I asked to talk to her boss, but she was conveniently not in the office, so I’m calling back tomorrow.
If this doesn’t get resolved tomorrow, I am going to have to come up with a way to hurt them, maybe post flyers all around town telling people how they treat their customers. I mean, c’mon, it’s not my job to make sure they do their job properly…I had no way of making sure the woman who took my DSL order carried out my instructions, and I had no reason to believe that she wouldn’t do it in the first place.

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