Albertson's Blows Goats

Pharmacies have got to be the least efficient places in the entire world. My wife dropped off a prescription for our son last week, and they said–like they always do–that it would take about a half-hour. Well, who the fuck wants to wait around that long for somebody to grab a bottle off the shelf and hand it to you? She just left and I went back later that evening to pick it up, but I was informed that they didn’t have the prescription and it would take at least a day for them to get it. So I waited until today to give them plenty of time to get it in, and though they had it ready this time, they didn’t have my insurance information in their computers, as if I hadn’t filled prescriptions there at least ten times. So I ended up waiting an entire hour for the fucking bitch to enter fewer than 100 characters into the computer. They seem to revel in making people wait, as though it’s a necessary part of filling a prescription–they just enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Albertson's Blows Goats

  1. They enjoy it so much because Albertsons is probably the highest paying grocery store out there. When I worked there I was making $1.50 more than when I worked at the Winn Dixie right across the street doing less work.
    and people who can’t type are fast becoming what could be considered illiterate.

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