I was in my back yard this evening, driving a wedge into a tree stump trying to split it, when I heard voices and footsteps approaching from my mom’s yard. I kept pounding the wedge with a sledge hammer, and then two kids, about 13 or 14 years old, stepped through the gap in the fence and into my yard. When they saw me they hesitated (they must have been deaf not to hear me), and I asked, “What the fuck are you doing?” One of them hurriedly mumbled something like, “We’re lost.” I just told them, “Get the fuck out of my yard,” and they both mumbled, “Sorry,” then went back down my mom’s driveway and back onto her street.
What I don’t get is how people know they can cut through mine and my mom’s property to get between 2nd and 3rd East. You can’t see straight through, because my garage and several trees block the view, and up until last year, there wasn’t a break in the fence. It’s happened at least two other times that I know of, and surely many more that I don’t. I’m either gonna have to re-erect the fence, or post armed sentries to keep people from cutting through. Damned kids.

2 thoughts on “Heh…"erect."

  1. What’s the deal here? There seems to be a proliferation of extremely stupid people leaving comments that make absolutely no sense.
    I’m sure the fact that it’s my property has something to do with me not wanting the general public using it as a through-street–not to mention that trespassing is against the law. Where that comment about “MY POOR GRASS” came from, I guess we’ll never know.

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