Went for a little drive yesterday evening to find a place to camp, but came up empty. We took the right fork of the White River, and not only was the road pretty crappy, but there were no decent camping spots, and no FS-developed campsites. There were signs all over stating that no campfires were allowed except in designated areas, though there were no designated areas. Suck. So we’re either going to take the left fork, where we know there are some good places to camp several miles down the road, or we’ll go to Avintaquin up Indian Canyon, or possibly Huntington Canyon. Basically, with all the fire restrictions, the Forest Service is charging people to have a campfire, since the only place you can have one is in an FS campground. Oh well, Avintaquin is $5/night and Huntington is $3…not too bad since we’re only staying two nights.

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