When people say such stupid things as this, they really should be shot and killed. This guy suggests that “gas-guzzling” and “useless” SUVs should be taxed to pay for energy research.
I completely fail to see how the shape of a vehicle should qualify it for heavier taxes than other vehicles. It’s ridiculous to think that a Caddilac Deville with its 4.6L V8 or a Ford F-350 with a fucking huge 7.3L diesel shouldn’t be included in this guy’s rant, all because of their shape. Most SUVs are built on a truck platform, with the same available engines, but this guy doesn’t mention Ford Rangers or Toyota Tacomas, either.
People who bitch about SUVs really need to shut the fuck up. After all, it’s not the soccer moms driving their kids to the mall in their 20 mpg SUV that you need to worry about–it’s me, in my 10 mpg Ford F-150. Try focusing on real-life facts, not emotional bias.

7 thoughts on “SUVs

  1. dude, suv’s suck ass. don’t say they are cool, because they aren’t. and that goes for mini-vans, small pick-up trucks, mid-sized sedans, and any vechile made by jeep.

  2. Uh…I don’t think you finished reading the entire post. If you had read the final paragraph, you’d have seen the words “People who bitch about SUVs really need to shut the fuck up.” And if you had better than third-grade reading comprehension, you’d have noticed that I wasn’t condoning the use of SUVs.

  3. you are right, once again. I would give myself to you if you wanted to have me, but in a non-homosexual way, which really blurs the lines, but does not cross it.
    I am sorry. I just have suv’s so much. they suck ass. sport utility vehicles suck serious ass. because “preps” drive them. and “preps” are pieces of walking shit.
    And i don’t understand your post anyway. all i understand about it is that you think that people who don’t like suvs are idiots, which saying that is faulting because if you realize that suvs are just a trend and they will go away in about 10 years. so, ha. and don’t try to block my ip, i have a static one, mr. “udink”, if that is your real name.

  4. It’s sad that I have to explain this to you, but the point I was trying to make is that the shape of a vehicle should have no bearing on how heavily it is taxed. There are just as many–if not more–vehicles that get as bad or worse gas mileage than SUVs, but the guy in that article didn’t mention anything but SUVs as far as passenger vehicles go. He must have some sort of emotional bias towards SUVs, such as you do…how can you dislike a vehicle because of the supposed demographic that drives them? My mom drives an SUV, and she sure as hell doesn’t fit into that stereotype.
    Oh, and I blocked your IP for that meaningless comment you left with all the CSS and javascript in it that fucked up my layout. And I’d say the ban was pretty effective, regardless of your static IP, seeing as how you’re at a address now rather than your address.

  5. Oops…I caught his meaning without really reading that, then made the same mistake myself. But while we’re on the subject of dictionaries, you really should look up the word “tact.”

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