Death, Taxes, and Yard Work

I got back from Provo after 8:00 last night, and I spent a little time on the computer before laying down to take what was supposed to be a short nap. I had gotten up at 6:00 yesterday morning, and was dead tired after a full day of work and several hours driving. Anyway, I didn’t wake up ’til 5:30 a.m. this morning…I just got up and pissed, then undressed and got under the covers and slept for another couple of hours.
Since I got so much sleep, I was able to start work a little earlier than usual, so I think I’m going to do some yard work when I get off work. I really need to clean up my back yard–there are a lot of dead weeds and tree branches and rocks that need to be hauled off–but I have to find a way to get my truck back there. My camper is in my driveway, and I am not going to move it, so I can’t get in through the front. I might be able to get in through the back (from my mom’s yard, which is adjacent to mine), but there are some rose bushes and an irrigation ditch in my way. The ditch wouldn’t be a problem if my front driveline was intact, but I still haven’t fixed it…I think if I put a railroad tie in the ditch, though, my truck can make it over. I’m not sure if my mom cares about the rose bushes, so I guess I’ll ask her before I run over them.
Since I inadvertently slept so long yesterday evening, I forgot to take the trash out to the curb, so I gotta take the garbage can out to the landfill. That’s the only reason I’m going to do any yard work at all, because hauling all that stuff off will make the trip to the landfill worth it.

2 thoughts on “Death, Taxes, and Yard Work

  1. i don’t know about your community, but in mine, it doesn’t even matter if we get the trash out to the curb on time. if it’s too heavy, the fucking grabass trashmen refuse to take any of it.
    look at it this way: at least you’ll get your stuff disposed of (relatively) hassle-free…

  2. Here, they issue garbage cans that can be picked up by a hydraulic arm on the truck, so weight isn’t much of an issue. But they usually come before I wake up…the garbage truck woke me up this morning as it went up the other side of the street, but I was too lazy to get out of bed and take the trash out before it came back down this side of the street.

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