Happy Father's Day

When I got finally around to unclogging my kitchen drain pipe today, I didn’t think it would involve the use of a blowtorch, a hacksaw, and six hours of my time. One of the pipes under the sink broke when I was trying to remove all of them, so I decided to replace everything with PVC. I also decided to replace the drains, ’cause they were old and looking shitty. One of the drains wouldn’t come off the sink, so the blowtorch and hacksaw came in handy. When I got the drains installed, I tackled the clog…I played out all but eight inches of the pipe snake before it hit the clog, so I’m damn lucky I didn’t have to go buy a longer one. After I put all the new pipes together, I had several leaks, including both drains (which just needed more plumber’s putty).
When I finally got everything in working order, six hours had passed from when I started, which included two trips to the hardware store. I made quite a mess of the kitchen, so I cleaned it all up, then did some dishes that had been sitting around since the drain got clogged a couple of days ago. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so I was pretty exhausted when I was totally finished.
I had always thought being a plumber would be a decent job, ’cause they charge so much for what seems to be a relatively small amount of work, but now I know better. Plumbing is a hard and usually disgusting job.
It’s strange actually being a father on father’s day. It doesn’t really feel any different, but it just reminds me that I’m somebody’s dad now.
I’m getting new glasses on Tuesday. I figured I’d just go to America’s Best and get two pairs for $80…even if they’re cheap quality, they’re better than the glasses I have now. My last pair broke quite a while ago, and I’ve been wearing an even older pair since. I’m probably going to get one pair of Daniel Jackson glasses and one pair of Jack O’Neill prescription shades. Which reminds me, less than two weeks ’til season five of SG-1 starts…woohoo!

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