Home Sweet Home

My wife and I were going to come back home fairly early yesterday after getting the camper, but Mike got tickets to the Starzz game at the Delta Center, so we went to that. We had seats in one of the suites, and it was sweet. The game actually wasn’t all that cool–the Starzz got their asses kicked–but it was fun eating and drinking in the suite.
We got home after 1:00 a.m. last night, and it was a long drive. My truck handled pretty well with the camper on it, but it was slow-going up the steep canyon roads. I’m really happy with the camper…the guy I bought it from didn’t clean it out at all, but it’s in decent condition, and everything works on it. We’re going to clean it out and do a few other things to it and go camping in a few weeks just to get the hang of how everything works. I might need to add a few leafs to the rear springs on my truck, ’cause they flatten out pretty badly with that camper on. I definitely need to get some mounting brackets to secure the camper to the truck…I had to use some ratchet tie-downs to hold it in place on the way home.
While I was up in Salt Lake, I heard Alien Ant Farm’s cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal on the radio, and it’s a pretty badass song. I downloaded it and am listening to it now…it’s much better than Michael Jackson’s version. =)

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