Out of the multitude of

Out of the multitude of junkyards in Utah County, only two have 240SXs, one of which was closed today. I found the bolt I needed, but not the mounting bracket. Oh well, I can make-do with the bolt for now.
I got a new bed today, it’s really comfortable. I was gonna get a Serta from Sam’s Club, but ended up getting a Sealy from The Mattress Firm. It came in at under $400, which isn’t bad for a decent queen-size.
I’m going to start work at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so I can head up to Salt Lake City before 3:00. I’m staying at Mikey’s place tomorrow night, then I’m gonna pick up the camper and head back home sometime Saturday evening. It’s gonna be really cool having a camper…we’re definitely gonna have to go to Lake Powell this summer now…um, well, maybe after we get a boat. =)

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