240 SUX

I was heading up to Provo for work today in the Nissan, along with my wife and son, and something broke off my car and made a lot of clunking noises before it finally bounced out from underneath. I looked out the rearview, and saw that something bouncing along the road still. I had to drive for another half-mile before I could safely pull off the road, and I got out and checked things out. I couldn’t see anything missing from under the hood, and it seemed to drive ok still, but I didn’t want to chance anything and continue driving. So we turned around to have a gander at what exactly fell off the car. It turned out to be a six-inch bolt, and I think it’s the bolt that holds one of the tie-rod ends onto the steering knuckle. After turning around, I noticed that the steering was a little off, so I just picked the bolt up off the highway and headed for home. I’m just taking a vacation day today so I can fix the car and finish putting my truck back together.
So, does anybody want to buy a 1990 Nissan 240SX? Real cheap, only $800.

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