um, dunno

I just got back from a pretty nice evening at Ty‘s house. He and his wife invited Traci and I (and Michael) over for dinner, and afterwards, we just sat around and watched tv and bull-shitted. It was a nice break from the usual routine of staying home doing nothing. Michael got pretty fussy, so Traci’s mom came and got him and watched him for a couple hours. I missed him, even though he was only gone a short time.
I cut down some shrubs (more like dwarf pine trees) in my front yard today, and cleared the flower beds of all plants. My yard is finally starting to look like it belongs in my neighborhood, rather than in a trailer park. After I plant some flowers and shrubs and lay down some bark mulch, I can get started on the back yard. I’m determined to have a vegetable garden back there next year, so that means clearing all the rocks and tree stumps and other crap, and conditioning the soil. It desperately needs some sand and manure, otherwise it’ll be hard as a rock and won’t have enough nutrients to grow anything but weeds.
I opened a bottle of Gallo white grenache just a few minutes ago, and my wife realized that the bottle had a big crack in it. I didn’t want the damn thing to break open in my fridge, so I had to empty it into a plastic apple juice bottle. How fancy schmancy is that? =)

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