Women’s minds really do work differently than men’s. Today a baby robin fell out of its nest in a tree in my front yard. I heard it and its mom both making a lot of noise from inside the house (probably both quite distressed), and went outside to see what was going on. I picked up the baby and held it for a bit, then just let it go. My wife seemed to think there was some way it was going to live, even after I explained that it can’t fly or climb trees, and its mom can’t carry it back up to the nest. If there had been a way to get it back into its nest, I would have tried, but the trees in my yard are over 100 feet high, with no way to climb them. My wife wanted to keep it and feed it until it could fly, but she can’t even take care of house-plants, let alone a wild bird. So it probably ended up being dinner for one of the neighborhood cats…

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