This is quite ridiculous…PETA has started an anti-fishing campaign in Utah. They are also against hunting, among several other things. The way I see things, humans are animals, just like all other wildlife. If we hunt and fish, it’s because it’s in our nature, just like mountain lions take down deer, or bears eat fish. Sure, humans have advanced to the point where many of us do these things for sport rather than for survival, but does that change the nature of how we started? Is that reason enough to stop using animal products altogether? I don’t think so.
So some animals are caused a little pain…so fucking what. There was a time when humans weren’t at the top of the food chain–not only were we dishing it out, we were also getting it up the ass. That’s just how our ecosystem works, and that’s the way it will continue to work until this entire planet and everything on it is destroyed.

5 thoughts on “Crackerasses…

  1. Yeah, but you have to admit that hunting for sport is just stupid. I completely understand hunting to support your family and all that, but hunting just to hunt is really pointless. Sorry if I sound like a complete fucking asshole, but that’s just the way I think.

  2. but hunting is cool… it’s just like clay shooting, except you get to see the animal suffer! and then you can just leave it there and laugh on your way home.

  3. Yeah, every year when I pay $50 for a deer or elk tag (not to mention the $300 I spent on a freezer last year for meat storage), I just up and shoot me an animal, watch it suffer and leave it to rot, then go home laughing. Yeehaw!

  4. Us city folks is igniant of the ways of the hunter, we’s thinks that theys just shoots themselves some critters and leave ’em be to beautify the countriside

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