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Seat belt laws are so fucked up. Just reading this article pisses me off. I don’t have a problem with seat belt laws for children, but to require adults to buckle up is wrong. Although I always wear my seat belt, if somebody else chooses not to, I say let them. What the fuck ever happened to natural selection? The next thing you know, the government will be passing teeth-brushing laws, or shoe-tying laws. After all, I’d hate for people to trip on their shoelaces and harm themselves.

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  1. Same goes for helmet laws for adult motorcycle drivers, drug laws for adult drug users, prostitution laws for adult street-workers & johns, & every other victimless crime that exists.
    As long as someone is only hurting (or potentially hurting) themselves, I don’t really care what they do.

  2. it would be nice to live in a world where even idiots know how to protect themselves, but in this world, when you give an idiot a machine that he doesn’t even know how to use, you have to give him instructions. sometimes these instructions have to come in the form of laws, because they’re too idiotic to think for themselves.
    if the US just let natural protection do its job, there wouldn’t be many taxpayers left. then none of you would be too happy.

  3. If you’re giving someone a machine that she doesn’t know how to use, then you can expect her to be a danger to you and everyone else on the road, whether or not she is using her seatbelt. The seatbelt is irrelevant. The other laws (or “instructions”) that exist are needed to protect everybody else.
    Perhaps we should make laws banning fatty foods? WAY More people that are too “idiotic” to eat sensibly die from heart attacks & obesity than from not wearing seatbelts.
    And while we’re at it, let’s just make a strict meal plan that everybody must follow. That way everybody will live for the longest possible length & you can have your tax dollars.
    Let’s force everybody to erect electric fences with locked gates around thier homes so nobody can break in & kill them during the middle of the night. We can’t have taxpayers’ murders on our hands now.. We need more laws!
    And throw in Dennis’ teeth-brushing & shoe-tying laws too… can’t have those taxpayers harming themselves now can we? Of course, a seatbelt is much more complicated than tying your shoe right? That’s why we need instructions (laws) for seatbelts but not for tying your shoe.
    Your logic makes it sound like people are too stupid to figure out how to use the seatbelt, so they need laws. It’s not that people don’t know how to use it, it’s that they CHOOSE not to…

  4. Hahah… Gotta go with the numbers. Between Traci & that old lady that hit us that day in your car, that’s gotta sway the amount of accidents caused by females vs. males at least a couple of percent nationwide. 🙂
    And our insurance premiums are still for some reason higher…bah!

  5. Dude, you say seat belt laws for children are okay, but that means that the government only values the life of a child and the adults can go to hell. I think as stupid as a lot of laws restricting people’s freedom (such as it being against the law to commuit suicide), helmet and seat belt laws are designed to ensure safety and a prolonged life. I think the laws are rather caring for individuals in our society, which our government should do: care.

  6. Try explaining the physics of a 60 mph head-on collision to my 3-month old son…I’m sure he won’t understand. Laws such as this for children are to protect them from lazy or stupid parents. I don’t need such protection from anybody, nor do I think my freedom should be restricted due to others’ stupidity.
    By passing seat belt laws, the government is saying, “We care for you so much, we’re going to make you give us money.” Does that sound like they care about me, or do you think maybe the fines the law generates have something to do with it?

  7. So basically what Allen is saying is that we should extend every law designed to protect kids that are too young to make a good, informed decision to also cover adults who are old enough to be capable of such decisions?
    Kids are restricted from driving cars, because in general they are not mature enough to make safe decisions while operating the vehicle. But still, how many wrecks are caused by licensed drivers each year? By your logic, if the government really “cares” that much, then we should not let adults drive either!
    Let’s see…what else can adults do by law that children can’t? We gotta fix all these laws that only care for the children.
    Tobacco/Alcohol laws, two potentially destructive substances that adults should be protected from.
    Voting… Kids can’t vote because I’m sure the general feeling is that you probably need to be an adult to make an informed decision when casting your vote. We should take that right away from all adults too. Just look at some of the people these adult voters have elected. I mean…Orrin Hatch seems to keep getting his job back in Utah. If that doesn’t alert you to a big problem, I don’t know what would.
    The law says that you have to go to school until you’re 18.. But after that you can drop out & not graduate if you wish & do whatever you want. Apparently the law only cares about providing a good educationto kids under 18? Or maybe whoever wrote that law felt that at a certain point people were mature enough to make a decision on their own.
    When you say “but that means that the government only values the life of a child and the adults can go to hell” you imply that I think the law should not even allow adults to wear it, that they want to make a law actually prohibiting seatbelt use for adults. Of course that’s not what I think the law should be, and I resent you implying otherwise. You twist words around to make anybody who is in favor of personal freedoms to sound like heartless killers. I don’t want all adults to go to hell… Only ones like you that are trying to take away my rights to freedom of choice.
    In fact, I’ll be the first to encourage anybody to wear it, young or mature. I think that choosing to not wear a seatbelt while inside a ton of moving metal is just a bit on the stupid side. But there’s a big difference between encouragement & forcing it on someone.
    Laws requiring auto maufacturers to provide seatbelts in cars so people have the CHOICE are good. Laws taking away that choice & forcing people to use it are bad.

  8. i think that you should get your license at 16 and not older because you got to lear some day why not learn now and most of the damn wrecks you hear about are dealing with adults anyway so they are the ones that need to stay off the road i think because they evedently dont know how to drive as many wrecks as you hear about with them in it well that is about it that is what i think what do yall think?

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