Some punk bitch copied my code and graphics shortly after I put this new layout up, but the dumbass left the Extreme Tracking code in the HTML. He was using some lame cgi script to edit the HTML files directly on his site, but it required a username and password to access the script. His web host sucks so bad that they passed on the username and password as part of the URL, and when he clicked the link to view the document he had just edited, it passed the URL, along with the username and password, to my Extreme Tracking thing.
So I was checking my site stats yesterday, and this URL kept showing up as a referrer. I of course clicked it, but all it showed was a directory listing. I clicked on the file called main.html, and bam, there was my layout, with the graphics changed to reflect the name of this dude’s site. All the links to the sites I link to were still there, and even the code displaying my link button was there.
Instead of getting destructive right off the bat, I decided to give the bitch a chance to remove my stuff from his site:

From: Dennis Udink
Subject: Don’t Even Think About It, Sucka
If you’re trying to go a little more professional, I don’t think stealing copyrighted graphics and HTML is the way to do it. Please cease whatever the fuck you’re trying to do with my layout and try designing your own.
Dennis Udink

And his reply (sent in two different emails):

(email #1) First off, who the hell are you? and my site isnt even open yet…
(email #2) and what makes you think i am taking your layout? when my site isnt even open? and i never showed a soul my design i am working on….

So I replied:

Don’t try to pretend you don’t know who I am, motherfucker. Seeing as how you stole the code and graphics from my site (, it should be obvious who I am. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t show anybody the shit you ripped off from me, because you left the Extreme Tracking code from my site in it, and consequently I found out about it.
You should have taken my warning seriously…

And his final reply:

Um ok… as you can see my site isnt open and no one has ever seen the design! I am not going to use your design…. just wait till I am done ok. Then you can cry, all your designs is a big box in the middle and text around it…. not that complicated.

Ok, so the guy is a little retarded. But I had his username and password, and since he wasn’t going to remove the infringing materials from his site, I did it for him, then changed the password. It still surprises me how stupid people can be.

9 thoughts on “Sucka

  1. hell yeah man.. I always love stories like this.. 🙂 glad it worked out for you.. (gotta love those retards who can’t even STEAL a layout properly.. lol..)

  2. Hey man, I visit your site a lot, and I think its cool, but I think this story sounds kinda hypocritical. I’m not one to judge, and I don’t know the circumstances, but this layout looks exactly the same as the one that used to be up at pixelated vision ages ago. You know, which the text going down to the bottom, with the white space, and the semi-transparent background. But then again, I could be wrong, and I’m not saying that I am right.
    Just trying to make sense of the situation…

  3. I think I know which one you’re talking about (didn’t he call it the “Satellite Edition?”). Well, they may be similar, but I in no way stole anything from Brandon, not even the idea. Trust me when I say the idea of text partially covering a background image is nothing new.
    The kid I mentioned actually copied my HTML and graphics to his computer, then modified them and claimed ownership. Simply using an idea, and developing HTML and graphics independently of wherever you got the idea from is entirely different. And BTW, the inspiration for this layout came from NeoFlux, not Pixelated Vision.

  4. Oh yeah that’s rite 🙂 I thought that satelite edition was pretty cool. Anyways, just wonderin’
    It is pretty tite for that guy to steal the html. What a bitch.

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