Lawn Tool

My wife and I were going to spend the day in Provo today, but we just don’t have enough money to keep ourselves entertained up there all day. I was planning on getting the new Tool and Weezer today as well, but I can’t afford those either. I’m surprised that there aren’t any new Tool songs on Audiogalaxy yet, though somebody thought it would be funny to rename some Pavement songs and make me waste my fucking time downloading that shit.
Actually, I guess I could just use my credit card to get the new albums. I was going to buy a new lawnmower with my credit card, seeing as how my mom’s old lawnmower bit the dust the other day, and I haven’t mowed my lawn in weeks. I just couldn’t find a cheap enough mower with all the features I wanted, so I didn’t get one. My yard will just have to look like a jungle for a while, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Lawn Tool

  1. You’re probably experienced enough to know that credit and satan walk hand in hand, giving each other sexual favors with the souls of the damned.

  2. Hah…yeah, I know first-hand. I owe more than I make in 3½ months, and it’ll take me years to pay it off. My minimum monthly payment barely covers the interest charges, but it’s about all I can afford.

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