Mikey Marshall and his wife are coming down from SLC this weekend and staying at my place, so I gotta do some tidying up around the house. It’s been since before the baby was born that they were here last, and we went rabbit hunting that time, but I think I’d like to do it again. It’s been quite a while since I shot anything but stationary targets. Even some clay pigeons would be fun, but I’d have to buy some more expensive-ass 16-guage shells, as opposed to the cheap-as-hell .22 rounds I’d need for rabbits.
When I went shopping last Friday, I bought some cabbage to make stuffed cabbage rolls with, but it’s turned up missing. I don’t even remember putting it in the fridge after going shopping, so it must have disappeared somewhere between the store and my house. There’s always the possibility that it never got bagged and put in the cart, but I think I’d have seen it sitting on the conveyor. I even checked to make sure it didn’t roll under the seat in my truck or something…that could be a nasty surprise if it had, but it wasn’t there. It’s just annoying, really, since all the other produce, including a head of lettuce, made it home.
Albertson’s had Pepsi on sale for $4 a case, so I bought 6 cases. That’s not bad, 17¢ per can. I should have gotten more like 20 cases at that price.

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