Werd 2K

Microsoft Word 2000 sucks a fat one. When I started using it for work a couple weeks ago, I disabled AutoCorrect, AutoText, and AutoFormat, because I’d rather do things for myself than let a software program decide for me. Today, I was working on a huge document with a table that spanned several pages, and I needed to break the table up into smaller pieces, so I used the Split Table option to do it. There was some unusual formatting in the scripting (HotDocs variables) on the document, and whenever I’d split a table, Word would convert some text to special characters, such as 🙁 into a single frowny-face character. It took me a while to figure out what the hell was going on, and when I checked my preferences, all that AutoFormat shit was turned back on. So I had to uncheck about a million checkboxes to turn it all off again, and there’s no tellin’ how long it’ll wait before deciding to fuck up and turn it all on again.

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