I used to refill my 34 oz. mug with Dr. Pepper at Gas-N-Go about twice a day before Michael was born, but lately I’ve been spending much more time at home, so I only go a couple of times a week. In addition to having the best-tasting Dr. Pepper, they were also the cheapest place in town at 30?. I still don’t understand how other places can serve the same drink from their fountains, and have it taste totally different from other places (Walker’s is the absolute worst). Anyhow, Gas-N-Go’s Dr. Pepper tastes completely different than it did a month ago, and I can’t stand to drink it as often as I used to. I bought several cases of Pepsi when it was on sale at K-Mart, and I think I’ll continue to do so as long as Gas-N-Blow’s drinks taste like crap.

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