I’ve been watching Stargate SG-1 lately on TV, and I think I’m hooked. Ty has all the episodes of SG-1 on tape, so I borrowed several of them just a couple days ago, and I’ve already watched six episodes. I love shows like this (and Star Trek) where there’s room to make endless story lines, because they’re traveling to different worlds where anything is possible.

3 thoughts on “SG-1

  1. yeah that show kicks. I love it. 🙂 my fav is when they go to this “paradise” place and end up with something in their heads that turns out to be a new form of life. you’d have to have seen it. it’s hilarious

  2. Yeah, I just watched that one a few days ago. The odd thing about that one is that the “paradise” image that they saw when they entered (or rather, the camera saw) was so obviously similar to the one in Contact. They also mentioned the Sagan Institute in the Thor’s Hammer episode, so I’m assuming the writers are big Carl Sagan fans.

  3. Stargate SG-1 Rocks! It is one of the few shows that I can watch and not get sick of in short order, lol.

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