Abuse of Authority

I almost killed a man this morning. When my wife was walking out the door to clear all the snow off the car so she could go to work, the Price City Ordinance Enforcement guy pulled up just in front of the car, but when he saw my wife going up to the car, he did a u-turn and pulled up behind a neighbor’s car across the street. He then wrote out a warning and stuck it on the neighbor’s car because apparently, according to Price City ordinance, it’s considered abandoned since the snow wasn’t cleared from it. I really really wanted to go over and fuck the guy up, just for being a dick. It’s only been snowing since late yesterday evening, and just because somebody doesn’t drive their car in the first few hours of the morning shouldn’t mean assholes like that guy need to give out warnings. If he had tried to write a warning for my car, I definitely would have beaten him over the head with my snow shovel. People like that, who let their badge go to their heads, should be killed on the spot. After all, he’s basically just a dog catcher.

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