Fucking cocksucking cops. On my way home tonight, as I was driving through Helper, I passed a cop going the opposite direction, and he had his radar on, but I wasn’t speeding so I knew I was ok. Just as I was leaving Helper, another cop was parked in the median facing the opposite direction, but as soon as I was even with him, he started moving forward, and when I had passed him, he flipped around and got behind me. I really thought he was going after one of the cars in front of me, ’cause I knew I was going the speed limit. After trailing me for about ½ mile, he turned his lights on, so my wife immediately took the radar detector off the windshield. So I stopped, and when he came up and asked for my license and stuff, I just asked him what he pulled me over for. He said it was because I didn’t have license plate lights in the rear, and I said, “You could see it from the front?” And he said, “No, I saw it after you passed me.” I told him I saw him moving to get me before he could possibly have seen the back of my car, but he still claimed that he had seen it from behind.
Not that any of that mattered, really, ’cause after calling dispatch to check for warrants and shit, he gave me back my stuff and explained that they were pulling people over for stupid fucking reasons like not having license plate lights, then checking to see if any drivers were drunk. So I didn’t get a ticket, but it gave me one more reason to dislike the police–just the fact that his buddy that I passed earlier was the one who saw that I didn’t have license plate lights, and he called ahead on the radio, while that fucker lied about seeing it after I had passed him. It’s not wrong for another cop to report to another something he saw, so I don’t know why this guy felt the need to lie about it.
I guess I’m making a bigger deal out of this than it really is, but hey, any reason to complain about the police is a good one.

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