Since our basement got flooded, my wife and I have kept our bedroom upstairs, so that means we are going to have our baby’s room upstairs too. Which means I have to move my office from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs bedroom. I’ve already painted the room downstairs, and I am putting in some new base moulding this week, so I should begin the move near the end of the week. The thing that sucks about it is I have a lot of little things to move (like shot-glasses, model cars, figurines, stuff like that), so it’s gonna be a tedious task. And I’m still not sure if my desk is going to fit down the stairwell, so I might have to take it apart.
Then the baby’s room will need to be painted, and the hardwood floor and trim need to be refinished as well. That’s the one thing that sucks about owning a house–having to fix everything yourself.

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