Eh, not much goin’ on lately. Xmas was pretty normal, nothing much to report. I spent a couple hours today trying to put a new windshield washer fluid reservoir in my car. My car was totaled in a wreck a couple years ago, and whoever rebuilt it must have forgotten that one minor detail. The fender inside which the reservior is supposed to be is welded on, so I can’t fit a stock replacement in there. Not that I can find one, though–it’s nearly impossible to find a Nissan 240-SX at a junkyard, and on the rare occasion that you do, it’s completely stripped. And there’s no way I’m paying $200 for one from the dealer. So I yanked one from a Stanza or a Pulsar or something like that, and it’s been hell trying to get it to fit. I finally found a place for it to go, but I can’t seem to work out the wiring. I can’t find the original wires for the pump, and I can’t seem to trace the wire from the switch through the steering column, so I just bought a push-button switch and I’m wiring it to the pump. I got almost everything done today, except I need to get some tubing to run from the pump to the nozzles.
Hopefully it doesn’t snow on my way up to Provo tomorrow. I’ve lived with this car for 1½ years without washer fluid, but I’ve never really needed it. Traci has a doctors appointment tomorrow, after which we’ll have to go up every two weeks for another appointment. I’m going up again on Saturday to hang out with some friends, then again on the 7th to say farewell to a friend who’s leaving for a couple years. If I’m not already sick of driving up there as often as I do, I’ll be really tired of it in a couple weeks.

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