Hopefully this xmas will be as nice as thanksgiving was, with minimal contact with the in-laws. I only have to go over there on xmas morning to open presents, and that’s it. I’m going to my grandpa’s tomorrow evening to open presents with my family, and I’m eating dinner at my mom’s the next day.
I’m gonna sleep very well tonight. My friend Mikey called me yesterday to see if I wanted to go rabbit hunting today, and since Ty and I were already planning on going out target shooting, it worked out perfectly. Mike came down from Salt Lake this morning with three of his friends, and my brother-in-law came along too, so there were seven of us out there hunting. I would have pitied any rabbit we came upon, but there were extremely few rabbits to be seen. For some reason, we always ended up splitting up into two groups: Me, Ty, Mike, and Jaysen in one, and Mike’s friends in another. We went out by Airport Road the first time, and only saw one rabbit, which nobody could hit through the trees. We shot a ton of beer bottles that I had been saving for just such an occasion, then we all went back into town. Ty had some stuff to do, so I dropped him off at his house, then we all went and got something to eat. We headed out to Pinnacle Peak after that, and started hiking around again. My group hiked up a winding creek bed, while the other guys just walked up the road that went through another canyon. We only saw one rabbit, and peppered it so full of holes. I probably walked just under ten miles total, mostly through snow or mud. I know that’s not too far, but I’m really out of shape. I know when my head hits the pillow tonight, I’ll be out in an instant.

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