Monday Already?

Well, this weekend went by way too fast. All I remember doing is sitting around the house, either reading a book or watching movies. It seems like such a waste of a weekend, seeing as how that’s all I do on weekdays anyway (when I’m not working, that is).
The first time I drove my truck on the highway after getting repairs made to the front suspension, it was vibrating like hell, so I figured the tires were out of balance. The whole drive to Provo last week, I kept wondering what in the hell could have caused that to happen. But on my way back home, I realized there was probably mud on the inside of the rims. When I brought my truck down to get fixed, it was covered in so much mud you could barely tell what color it was. But the dealer had washed it for me, and didn’t get the undercarriage all that well. I finally got around to looking at the rims yesterday, and all four of them have about 1/2 in of mud caked on the inside, so it looks like I’m gonna have to spend a few quarters getting it off.

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