Taking 'em Down

I called the PPD, and asked whether or not it’s illegal to own an unregistered vehicle, and I was told that it is not, but it is illegal to park an unregistered vehicle on the street, though driveways are ok (it’s a city ordinance). I told the woman I was talking to that it seems ridiculous that state law says you can own an unregistered vehicle as long as you don’t drive it, but city ordinance dictates that you cannot park an unregistered vehicle on a city street. Common sense dictates that where you park the vehicle shouldn’t matter, as long as it’s not being driven, so I asked this woman how the general public is supposed to know about shitty laws such as this. She told me that she thought most people do know about the law. I then asked her if I could obtain a copy of the city ordinances, so nothing like this would ever happen again, and she flat-out told me no.
So, I scheduled a hearing with a hearing officer, and my case will be heard tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. If the general public is expected to comply with city ordinances, yet they are not allowed to know about those ordinances, then it should be a breeze to fight this ticket. Had I known about this particular ordinance, my truck would have been parked in my driveway, not on the street.

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