Ah, freedom

By RegBarc — Dennis is such a nice guy, lettin’ a good ol’ boy like me post on his humble abode. But, I have an alterior motive.
You guys all remember the Beast? My 1982 Mercedes 300 Turbo Diesel stationwagon? Well, I am replacing the sound system in it completely, getting rid of the current speakers and installing new ones. On top of this, I am pimping the car out. Two (2) 12″ subwoofers, a 150 Watt amp x 2 to power it, and my CD collection.
All I’m having trouble is choosing the correct subwoofer to put in there and the correct amp to power it. Currently I’m looking at stuff from Crutchfield because they have some really nice prices and their web site is damn nicely organized.
But, if you people have any suggestions, leave them in the comments box so that both Dennis and I can see them. That way, he can tell me if you’re talking completely out of your ass or not 🙂

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