…And Then You Die

Finally, we’ve finished moving everything out of the downstairs. The wrecking crew is coming by tomorrow morning to remove the carpet, but I think they’re going to remove all the sheetrock and paneling next week. The estimate for new walls and carpet is just under $10,000, but there will need to be plumbing and electrical work done, not to mention all the personal belongings will have to be replaced, so I’m thinking the damages will come close to $20,000.
I’m eating the first meal I’ve had all day right now. I ate some sunflower seeds earlier, and drank some Dr. Pepper, but that didn’t stick with me long.
Last night was the first night we spent here since Sunday night, but we slept in the cramped extra bedroom, and I sure as hell didn’t sleep well. I hate this house. I think I’m gonna sell it when this fucking mess is all over with.

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