I was supposed to go into the office to work yesterday, but I forgot and worked all day at home. So I came into the office today instead, and now I’m swamped with work.
On the drive up here, something pretty cool happened. I was getting on I-15 in Spanish Fork, and a semi was getting on in front of me. I-15 northbound turns from 2 lanes to 3 lanes there, so the on-ramp becomes its own lane, and there’s no need to merge into traffic. But for some reason, almost everybody merges into the middle lane, leaving the right lane empty. I usually stay in the right lane for the 2 miles or so to Springville, then get off the highway there. Anyway, the semi in front of me was going pretty slow getting on I-15, so when I got right behind him, I signaled and started into the middle lane. Right when I was fully in the middle lane, the jackass driving the semi signaled and started getting over into the middle lane, apparently trying to cut me off, as there was absolutely no traffic in front of him for about a mile. I threw it in third gear and gunned it, trying to force him back into the right lane. I had to swerve a little bit into the left lane, but when I got beside him, I crept back over to the right, forcing him back into his own lane. My car was probably about 2 feet from his truck, which is pretty close at 65 or 70 mph.
After I blew past the guy, he just stayed over in the right lane, so I’m pretty sure he was just being an asshole, though I don’t know why he would do that.
That was the second time I’ve ever forced a semi into another lane. The other time I was behind 2 semis on a 2-lane highway, and there was a long line of cars behind me. Right as we were coming to a passing lane, the rear truck started getting over to pass the one in front. The line of cars behind me was so long, that I decided I wasn’t going to let the jackass in the semi hold everybody back for the duration of the passing lane, so I got in the oncoming-traffic lane and forced him back over behind the lead truck. I’m not normally that agressive, but when you’ve been following 2 trucks over a narrow winding mountain pass doing 20 mph under the speed limit, there’s no need for them to pass one another doing 2 or 3 mph faster than the other, while holding up 15 or 20 cars in the process.

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