Oh man, I’m sore as hell. I spent the past two days hiking through some rough country, and I don’t have anything to show for it.
Just before dark yesterday, I saw a very large bull about 1200 yards away, but I have a cow tag, so it didn’t do me any good. This morning, I was standing on a ridge with a bunch of guys when about 30 head of elk ran through a clearing down in the bottom of Muddy Creek, about 400 or 500 yards away. If they were standing still, I’d have taken the shot, but I doubt I could have hit any of ’em in motion. There were 4 spikes in the bunch, one wounded bull (a 5 or 6 point) who was limping behind the herd, and the rest were cows. We watched them dart through several clearings heading south, but lost them in a big stand of quakies and pine.
I came home earlier than I planned, but I’m just too damn tired to do anything but sit on ridges overlooking the creek, and that didn’t do me any good today. I’m going back up Tuesday night so I can go hump the bush some more Wednesday morning.

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