I almost blew the engine in my car on my way home from work today. I was passing a long line of cars in 3rd gear, and when I hit the redline (6500 RPMs @ about 70 MPH), I tried to throw it into 4th gear real quick, but I missed and hit 2nd without realizing it. I popped the clutch and crammed the gas pedal and my rear wheels locked up, and my tachometer pegged at 8000 RPMs. It only took me a split second to realize what happened, and I got it into 4th and completed the pass.
I must have looked like a fool to the people I was passing. But I’m glad my car is rear-wheel drive…I’d hate to find out first-hand what happens when both front wheels lock up at 65 MPH. Luckily, the engine still runs, but I need to sell that car fast…someday it’s gonna either get me into a lot of trouble, or get me killed.

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